World’s Fastest Delivery Service in Korea

There are many famous logistics and delivery companies all over the world. Although there are many companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc., it will not be faster than the delivery company in Korea. There may be some reasons why Korea has a small territory, but thanks to its dense delivery system and the efforts of courier drivers, Korea may receive the goods ordered the night before at dawn the next day. With the recent expansion of the untact culture, the courier logistics industry is enjoying the biggest boom, and the fast and accurate delivery service of Korea is by far the best in the world. It is a proud service of Korea that allows you to order the product and check where the item I ordered is right away and receive the order on the same day and delivery on the same day.

Korean delivery system and major company

CJ Korea Express, Post Office, and Hanjin Shipping are the most popular delivery companies. CJ Korea Express, the largest courier company in Korea, is operated by CJ Group and is the most popular courier company in online shopping malls based on large logistics hubs and many delivery articles across the country. However, CJ Delivery is an intensive logistics center system that often delays delivery due to the problem of having to stop by a far-off logistics center even if orders are placed close to receiving goods. Post Office Delivery is a personal favorite delivery company and is a delivery system using the post office’s logistics network. The logistics are concentrated in each regional postal editorial office, and based on this, the delivery system for each region provides a truly accurate. Lastly, Hanjin Shipping is a delivery company operated by Hanjin Group and since Hanjin is a logistics company, it provides accurate and fast service. However, the market share is somewhat lower than the two companies mentioned above. The prices are all the same, and if you make a contract in bulk, you can send a parcel at a lower price, and if you ask for delivery in Korea, I think it’s about 3,000 won per order if you order from an online shopping mall. Recently, we can send parcels from convenience stores, so individuals can send parcels conveniently. If you take the items you want to send to the convenience store and pay the price according to weight or volume, you can send them right away, and through the partnership of many delivery companies, we provide a very convenient service so that the items I sent can be delivered the next day.

Dawn delivery service (Shipping in the morning)

Korea has a well-established system and provides high-quality service to the extent that it is the strongest country in delivery. Since a few years ago, many companies have been offering early morning delivery services, which can be delivered to the door at dawn the next day if you order by a certain time the previous day. It’s a very powerful service that allows you to order fresh food or urgent items the night before, receive them the next morning, have breakfast, or use the items you need right away. Perhaps Korea is the only country in the world that provides such early morning delivery services. A startup that sells fresh food and simple retro products called Market Kurly has begun offering early morning delivery services in earnest, and Coupang and large retailers are also offering early morning delivery services, making it really convenient for consumers. Recently, Korean people have become so used to the system that they can order and receive it right away that they think it’s rather strange if the delivery is delayed.


Korea’s delivery service is by far the best in the world. However, the issue was the guarantee of rest rights for deliverymen, overtime hours, and heavy workload. It has also caused many social problems such as the abuse of power by courier drivers and the pain caused by neglected consumers. Recently, August 14, the day before Liberation Day, was designated as a courier holiday to guarantee the courier’s right to rest. Quick delivery is good, but I hope you can also guarantee the basic rights of deliverymen to make a healthier delivery service. Despite this controversy, please try the convenient and accurate delivery service in Korea.

Written by Tweety Papa

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