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Have you ever eaten Korean snacks? Although there are world-famous snacks such as Pringles, Oreo, and Lay’s chips, I recommend you to try them in Korea because they are delicious and have some Korean flavors. Let’s take a look at the five famous Korean snacks in Korea and see what characteristics and tastes they have. Please refer to the five snacks selected below as reflecting your personal taste, and there are many other kinds of snacks, so please enjoy various Korean snacks.

SaewooKkang (Shrimp Cracker, 새우깡)

Shrimp cracker is a salty shrimp-flavored snacks. Personally, this is my favorite snack. It’s a snack I’ve eaten since I was young and it’s been produced since 1971. Currently, a company called Nongshim produces a lot of maniacs. Especially because of its salty taste, it is loved as a side dish for beer. Once you open the bag and start eating it, you have to eat it all. Children are also loved for their easy-to-hold, easy-to-eat form, and adults can easily eat one by one. It’s a perfect snack to enjoy with the taste of shrimp, savory, and crispy. Recently, the song “Kkang” by Rain has been re-examined, the song “Kkang” has been booming, and it has once again become popular with the snack commercials of various “Kkang” series. We have onion, potato, sweet potato chips, etc. as a sister of Saewookkang.

Choco Pie (초코파이)

Choco Pie is one of the most popular snacks in Korea, with marshmallows in two round biscuits and a whole biscuit wrapped in chocolate. It is produced by a company called Orion and was released in 1974. Choco Pie is perceived as a snack that can feel warm love under the slogan Jung. Especially in Korea, soldiers come to mind when you think of Choco Pie because of the old saying that soldiers want to eat Choco Pie the most when they are trained and the snack that second-class soldiers want to eat the most is Choco Pie. Of course, Choco Pie is still loved by soldiers, but recently, you can eat other snacks, so this story has become a memory. Although it has a long history, Choco Pie is still loved, and recently banana, malcha, strawberry, etc. have been released and it is one of the most exported Korean snacks in the world. You may have encountered Choco Pie, but I hope you enjoy it in Korea.

Pocachip (포카칩)

Pocachip is a potato snack that is comparable to the world-famous potato chip lace chip. Pocachips are produced by a company called Orion and were first produced in 1988. It is the most consumed potato chip in Korea and is loved by continuously releasing various flavors of Poca chips such as onion and soy sauce. Pocachips, unlike laced chips, have a moderately salty taste, and you can feel the crisp texture and fresh potato. If Pringles made the potato into the shape of a snack again, the Pocachip does not have a consistent shape, because it was made by cutting and frying the potato. Pocachip is a favorite snack personally and is very popular as a beer snack like Saewookkang. If you want to eat Korean potato chips, make sure to enjoy them.

Homerun Ball (홈런볼)

Homerun Ball is a snack like a small custard cream bread. It is a very delicious Korean snack with a soft texture and sweet chocolate inside. Producing is done by a company called Haitai, and the name Home Run Ball was given to the company because snacks were released during the peak of professional baseball, and the shape of the snack was shaped like a baseball. There is not only chocolate but also a home run ball with cream cheese inside. Home run balls are delicious, but they are somewhat expensive for the price, but they are large in volume but a little small in quantity by packing them in small plastic containers to prevent cookies from breaking down. However, if you want to enjoy a light sweet and soft Korean propitolol, make sure to try the home run ball.

GoraeBap (고래밥)

Goraebap is a small and salty snack with various seafood shapes. The product name, Goreabap, was named because of the shape of a small seafood snack, and it was launched in 1984 by a company called Orion. It tastes like stir-fried, pizza, and seasoned chicken, and it tastes similar to Cheetos. It’s a snack that you can’t stop until you finish eating even though you have sauce on your hands. It is also a good snack for beer because of its savory and crispy flavor. The packaging is packed in a small box, and there used to be other things to enjoy, such as finding pictures hidden inside the box. Recently, it has been sold in the form of a bag, and although it has been less popular than before, it is still a snack that many people are looking for. If you want to enjoy Korean snacks, please try them.

The traditional Korean snack is called rice cake, but because of the nature of rice cake, which is difficult to carry or store, snacks are probably the most consumed snack. Many companies have released various snacks through research and trial and error, and the five snacks introduced above are also receiving a lot of love. There are various kinds of snacks around the world and there are many famous ones, but you can enjoy Korean snacks with various flavors. I recommend you to try the snack introduced above, and I hope many people around the world can enjoy it.

Written by Tweety Papa

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