Traditional Korean Alcohol and Drinking Culture

Have you ever drank Korean alcohol? You may know a lot of world-famous wines and whiskey, but you may not be familiar with Korean traditional liquor and liquor culture. In Korea, there are soju, makgeolli, and traditional liquor called Cheongju. Also, the Republic of Korea is a nation that emphasized courtesy when drinking because it is a state of moderation from an example. Recently, beer made by a Korean beer company has also been re-examined, and Korean beer, which used to be considered a bad beer, has recently developed a lot and is being re-examined as a delicious beer. Moreover, the recent increase in sales of Korean beer, coupled with the boycott of Japanese beer, is a great achievement in the Korean liquor industry. In this posting, we will look at traditional Korean liquor and drinking culture.


Soju is the most representative alcohol in Korea. Traditional soju is called soju, which is made of rice wine made from grain and made of refined rice wine, boiled rice wine, and distilled liquor. We are making ready-made soju by adding alcohol to water, not in this way. Soju is a low-priced alcohol and alcohol is moderately high, which is a high-cost drink that is popular among all generations, from young to old. In the past, alcohol was strong enough to exceed 20 degrees, but from a few years ago, soju with soft drinks and moderate alcohol drinks became popular, making soju between 15 and 18 degrees popular. Jinro is the most famous company for soju. Currently, I was acquired by a company called Hite and became a Hite Jinro, but when it comes to soju, Jinro soju was the most famous. It was re-launched in pure Korean as Chamisul, and in the past, a slightly higher-density soju was released for consumers who wanted high-alcohol soju. Also, a few years ago, fruit soju was so popular that they were sold like hot cakes. Nowadays, soju, which has low alcohol levels and a bottle-shaped retro sensibility, is very popular among young people. Moreover, soju has its own local brand in every province, and Busan has its representative soju called “C1” and “good place”.


Makgeolli is the most traditional liquor in Korea, made of rice and yeast. It is a fermented liquor made by fermentation with rice and yeast. Makgeolli has long been the favorite drink of ordinary people, and it is safe to call it the wine of Korea because of its different manufacturing methods in different regions, regions, and even homes. Recently, a number of ready-made makgeolli has been released in a certain brewing method, and we are trying to promote makgeolli by making bottle design and taste more popular for globalization. In the process of making makgeolli, rice wine and rice wine are made, which are fermented with yeast and filtered cleanly is called refined rice wine. The alcohol level of makgeolli is not very high and is similar to beer or slightly higher than beer. It is also the most popular drink among ordinary people, and recently, the effects of makgeolli have been attracting attention and loved by many people. There are various types of makgeolli in each region, so if you are interested in makgeolli, it will be a fun experience to go around each region and taste it.


Cheongju is a rice wine made of yeast and rice, which is made of refined rice wine by settling down the sediment of rice wine or filtering it out of fine cloth. Compared to makgeolli, the brewing process was more complicated and expensive, so it was a favorite drink for aristocrats in the Joseon Dynasty. If you want to experience the taste of rice wine easily, you can drink alcohol such as rice wine if you buy rice wine, put it in a bottle, cool down the sediment, and drink the top part. Recently, Cheongju is about to lose its popularity. Compared to soju, there are fewer visitors, and traditional breweries have disappeared, making it difficult to find traditional rice wine. However, rice wine is used to perform ancestral rites or perform ancestral rites during holidays in Korea. Personally, I hope that more people will find it as a drink that does not lag behind Japan’s sake and that the excellence of Korea’s representative liquor will be introduced to the world by maintaining the traditional brewing method.

Drinking Culture in Korea

Korean seem to enjoy drinking. Personally, I drank the most alcohol when I was in college, and people in their 20s in Korea really enjoy drinking, and they often enjoy drinking with fun games. Also, recently, a lot of consumption has been made in clubs and bars for the purpose of meeting the opposite sex. There is also a dining culture at work, so almost all office workers are exposed to alcohol, and it seems more likely that they need to drink for social life rather than enjoy it at home. Of course, these days, the culture is getting less popular, and more and more people enjoy drinking that they want to enjoy personally, and they tend to strive for a healthy drinking culture. If you have a chance to drink with Koreans, you will be recommended soju and pork belly. If you come to Korea, please enjoy it. Marriage in Soju is pork belly. I hope you can enjoy many drinks in Korea and introduce them to your acquaintances to let them know that there are other Oriental drinks that are different from wine.

Written by Tweety Papa

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