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Which search engine do you use to search for information on the Internet? The most popular search engine in the world is by far Google. Google recorded 92.54% of the search engine market share as of 2020. However, Google’s market share is not that high in Korea. Korea’s largest portal site, Naver, is the most popular with an overwhelming 70 percent share, and Google has increased by 22 percent, and the gap is constantly decreasing. Why is the search engine Naver, not Google, the world’s largest market share? I think the reason is that it reflects the characteristics of Korean people who want to see Korean sentiment and information easily.


Naver is the most popular search engine in Korea. It is a search engine with a 70% share in Korea but only 0.07% share in the world. Nevertheless, Naver is by far the most famous and popular search engine in Korea, providing SNS services such as blogs and cafes as well as searching. Recently, it has made an open market called smart stores available for anyone to operate smart stores and purchase products sold there. The search engine service has become a comprehensive Internet portal site. Naver is the most Korean search engine. You can access various media articles on the main page, and you can see at a glance what the current issues are and what the phenomena are that you are interested in through real-time search services that are now gone. Also, as it is the largest portal site in Korea, various communities are developed, and it has many subscribers and provides many services based on them. However, we have recently suspended real-time search term services that caused various social problems and continue to make efforts to provide broader comprehensive contents and commercial services.


Daum, the search engine acquired by Kakao Group, is the second largest search engine in Korea. Before being taken over by Kakao, it was operated as an independent company, Daum, and was forced to win the title of second place in a lifetime due to Naver. Of course, Google is losing its market share to third place, but it has about 10% of the search engine market and provides comprehensive content at a glance like Naver. In particular, Daum has been loved by many people for providing its own blog service called TStory, which allows users to post Google’s ad-sense on the blog. The following also provided real-time search word service, which is a feature of the Korean search engine, but recently ended the service. We are making various efforts to provide new and fresh services, and we expect higher growth after the acquisition of Kakao Group. In the following, we are trying to provide services that are somewhat different from Naver, such as a service that tells us what flowers are when we take pictures of flowers on a smartphone application or a service that tells us what kind of music comes out when we are curious about music on the radio or broadcast.

Problems of Korean Search Engine

Unlike Google, Korean search engines such as Naver and Daum can see articles on the main screen and are easy to navigate to various community sites. For this reason, many comments can be easily made, and social issues such as suicide and personal information leakage have been raised constantly. For this reason, many search engines have been troubled, and they have been criticized for providing provocative articles or comment services to achieve the largest advertising revenue among search engines, and only recently changed their policy so that Naver and Daum cannot comment on entertainment and sports articles. However, the reality is that comments are still full of criticism and abuse, and that political inclinations are being revealed depending on the search engine, causing unnecessary social costs. Search engine service, which allows you to see a lot of information at a glance in Korea and spend time easily in gossip, has many advantages and disadvantages. However, I would like to develop and provide various services that can improve search engine services and grow globally.

Written by Tweety Papa

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