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How much do you know about Korean food? Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Kimchi, Kimchi stew, and other foods that come to mind when you think of Korea. Of course, these foods are great and represent Korea, but Koreans in Korea really enjoy eating them and they are not well known to foreigners, but I will introduce them to you about the foods that you want to recommend. Of course, many personal tastes are reflected, but the foods I will introduce below represent Korea, but it must be food that Koreans enjoy and be loved by foreigners as well. I would like to introduce you to five Korean foods that you must try when you come to Korea, which is recommended by Korea.

Dakgalbi (닭갈비)

Dakgalbi is a food that is eaten by removing bones of chicken and marinating red pepper paste. There is a food called galbi, but I think galbi is usually made of beef or pork, but chicken is also very delicious when cooked after seasoning like galbi. Dakgalbi is famous in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do. When you say “Chuncheon Dakgalbi,” most Koreans know and eat it. Recommended dakgalbi is a dish that is eaten by stir-frying seasoned chicken, cabbage, and vegetables on a large iron plate. After I finish eating, I put rice in the leftover sauce and make fried rice. This fried rice is excellent. Recommended dakgalbi is cooked on an iron plate, while there is dakgalbi that is baked directly on charcoal. This food is also called dakgalbi, and it is very delicious because you can feel the unique scent of smoked chicken. I recommend you to enjoy both styles of dakgalbi. You can enjoy both styles of dakgalbi in Seoul, so make sure to remember the food called dakgalbi and try it. You won’t regret it.

Kalguksu (칼국수)

Kalguksu is a noodle dish enjoyed by Koreans. There is also kalguksu boiled in beef broth, and kalguksu boiled in clams called clams. Both kinds of food are very delicious, and the kimchi called Oejeol, which is eaten with kalguksu, is a delicious side dish that makes the taste of kalguksu stand out. Unlike other noodle dishes, kalguksu is characterized by thick soup, and it is a food that is nutritionally sufficient for eating with various vegetables such as pumpkin and carrot. Myeong-dong Kalguksu is famous in Korea and Myeong-dong in Seoul is famous for Kalguksu. You can enjoy the taste of the broth, which is not spicy and light, and you can enjoy the fun of eating it by eating chewy noodles together. People in the East often eat noodles in addition to rice, so I hope you enjoy the kalguksu in Korea’s kalguksu.

School food or Snacks (분식)

Snacks are one of the foods that most Koreans love. Snack is also a kind of food that can be eaten lightly, and Gimbap, Tteokbokki, fish cake, ramen, etc. are called snack foods. Snack is a food that comes to mind especially for high school girls in Korea, and it is a food that is especially loved by many women, and it is a food that young students can enjoy at a low price, so I think this image was created. Recently, snacks can be easily eaten at home as a delivery food, so please refer to the link below for the great delivery food in Korea. Snacks are cheap and delicious, and they are famous as street food in Korea. Recently, there are many snacks with healthy ingredients for health. If you come to Korea, you should try eating snacks, and there are many different kinds of snacks in different regions, so if you have any plans to travel to other regions, please visit famous restaurants.

Rice with toppings, Deopbab (덮밥)

Rice topped with meat or squid is a dish that you cook with spices such as red pepper paste or soy sauce and then put it on rice. There is a similar food in Japan, but Korean rice topped with rice is a delicious food where you can enjoy delicious seasoning, rice, and raw ingredients at once. In Korea, famous rice topped with pork and squid are also popular among many people because it is cheap. Especially, there are many restaurants that specialize in rice with toppings near the school, but I personally remember eating it three to four times a week when I was in high school. It’s a very Korean food. If you put stir-fried spicy pork and stir-fried squid on rice, you’ll be able to feel a fantastic collaboration. If you really like and want to enjoy Korean food, not exaggeration, order rice with toppings, mix it well with a spoon, and enjoy a delicious bite. If you close your eyes and savor it, you will feel Korea.

Bossam (보쌈)

Bossam is a meat dish that boasts a light taste unlike pork dishes that are baked with soybean paste or various spices. Grilled pork belly, galbi, bulgogi, etc. are well known, but bossam is relatively unknown. Bossam is a dish that is eaten with boiled meat, cabbage, kimchi, and other vegetables. Unlike meat dishes, it digests well and removes a lot of fat, so you can enjoy meat dishes healthier. Boiled pork is also a popular dining menu for office workers in Korea, where vegetables such as soybean paste and onions are added to remove the smell of pork and add unique scents with laurel leaves. Unlike other restaurants, it may be a little difficult to find a restaurant specializing in bossam, but there is always one famous bossam restaurant in each region, so make sure to look it up in advance and enjoy it. You will be able to enjoy really soft and light pork dishes, and you will be able to enjoy Korean kimchi and pickled vegetables together and enjoy the luxurious meat dishes of Korea.

There are many delicious foods in Korea. Bibimbap and Bulgogi, which are well-known around the world, are also good, but I hope you enjoy the various foods introduced today. Eating food that Koreans really enjoy and like will be the best way to feel Korea properly. In addition, please give a lot of attention to the delicious foods of Korea so that they can be widely known around the world.

Written by Tweety Papa

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