Introducing 5 famous ramens in Korea

Have you ever eaten ramen in Korea? If you say ramen is a famous place, many people think of Japan. However, Korea is famous for instant ramen that can be easily cooked and eaten. Recently, with the release of healthy ramen, it has been recognized as a meal, not a fast food. Also, there was a culture of sharing various recipes, so even if it’s the same ramen, it has become a food where you can enjoy various flavors, not just one taste. Let me introduce 5 kinds of ramen that are famous in Korea and tell you about the characteristics of each ramen.

Shin Ramen (신라면)

It is one of the most famous ramyeon in Korea. The Chinese character “Shin” Ramen, which means spicy, is a very spicy soup with chewy noodles. It is a product produced by a company called Nongshim, and it is so famous that it is the representative ramen of Korea. If you go to the top of Yongpurau in Switzerland, you can enjoy Shin Ramen. Spicy and warm ramen enjoyed in the fountain snow will give you the same happiness as having the whole world. Because it is spicy ramen in Korea, we eat it a lot for hangover, and a few years ago, a slightly more expensive product called Shin Ramen Black with broth added to it than the basic Shin Ramen. Shin Ramen is a ramen that is exported a lot around the world, and it will be easier to find in your country than you think.
Spiciness : ★★★★★

Samyang Ramen (삼양라면)

Samyang Ramen is the oldest ramen in the history of Korea. It was first produced and sold in 1963. It was one of the most expensive foods at the time. At first, it was a thick and light chicken broth ramen, but recently it is popular as a beef broth base ramen. It is characterized by a light taste rather than a strong spicy taste, and boasts a broth that goes well with other additional ingredients. Until the 1980s, it had dominated the market share of instant noodles in Korea, but it has recently remained in seventh place due to the lack of competitive ramen such as Shin Ramen and Jin Ramen. However, if you still want to enjoy the oldest ramen flavor in Korea, I recommend you try Samyang Ramen. Also, there is a classic product that recreates the taste that was first released in 1963, so it would be good to taste it.
Spiciness :★★★☆☆

Jin Ramen (진라면)

Jin Ramen is actually a rival ramen to Shin Ramen. This ramen is produced by Nongshim and its competitor Ottogi. It is less spicy than Shin Ramen, and it is better to think of it as spicy than Samyang Ramen. It’s a very delicious ramen when cooked with eggs added to Shin Ramen. Depending on your personal preference, you can add eggs as well as various additional ingredients, but personally, I recommend you to put eggs in and eat them. Because it is a recipe that can maximize the simplicity and the proper spicy taste of Jin Ramen. There are two versions of Jin Ramen, spicy and mild, and mild is a ramen that reduces the spiciness to the point that even children can eat. For those who can’t eat spicy food well, I recommend you to try the mild taste first.
Spiciness :★★★★☆

Neoguri Ramen (너구리)

Neoguri was released with the concept of enjoying ramen and udon together. Like Shin Ramen, Nongshim is living in a company called Nongshim, and it features thick noodles compared to other ramens. Because I can enjoy ramen and udon at the same time by putting udon noodles in ramen soup. There is a palm-sized kelp in the neoguri, which depends on how you cook ramen, but I personally think it plays a big role in the spicy soup when you make soup with this kelp and soup and then eat noodles. However, the kelp is missing from the neoguri exported to foreign countries, and the kelp is recognized as a black paper by foreigners. But as a Korean, I strongly recommend you to come to Korea and enjoy neoguri ramen with kelp.
Spiciness :★★★★☆

Chapagetti (짜파게티)

Chapagetti is a ramen from a movie called Parasite, and if the above ramen was a spicy soup base, Chapagetti is a jjajang sauce-based ramen. Its characteristic is that you can easily enjoy the same type as Chinese jajangmyeon with ramen. The movie “Parasite” features so-called “jjapaguri,” which is boiled with neoguri and chapagetti at the same time, and has been sensational since the recipe was released on TV a few years ago. chapaghetti is a ramen noodle that is boiled with dried soup and when the noodles are cooked, you throw away the water and put powdery jjajang soup. It may be difficult to make at first. This is because there are times when you throw away the water and even the dry soup comes out. However, even if a few pieces of the soup are left out, make sure to try it by yourself. In Korea, the phrase “I’m a Chapagetti chef on Sundays” was so easy for anyone to eat in past Chapagetti commercials, but once you taste this ramen, you might want to eat Chapagetti every Sunday.
Spiciness : ☆☆☆☆☆

There are many kinds of ramen that you can enjoy easily and enjoy a variety of flavors. In the past, it was regarded as a low-priced food for the common people, but recently, ramen has become a representative food of Korea that anyone can enjoy easily and deliciously by enjoying it with various recipes. You can enjoy a variety of delicious food in Korea, but please visit a convenience store nearby to buy ramen, make your own ramen, and really enjoy Korean ramen.

Written by Tweety Papa

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