How to order food delivery in Korea

Have you ever eaten Korean delivery food? In Korea, you can enjoy delicious food at home just by clicking on the app. In the previous posting, we found out about Korea’s delivery system, and in Korea, you can enjoy food with fast and accurate delivery service. In the past, if you could enjoy food at a Chinese restaurant near your home or at Pizza Hut, a number of delivery applications have been developed recently, allowing you to easily enjoy various kinds of food at home as well as Chinese restaurants near your home. Let’s take a look at the delivery food application in Korea and what kind of food you enjoy eating.

Baemin (Food Delivery App)

The name of the application, Baemin(Baedalui Minjok), is actually a homonym for the delivery race, which represents the ethnicity of Korea. Baedal is a significant use because it means delivery. Baemin is currently the most popular delivery application in Korea. Many people order food with this application and enjoy it at home. At first, it was a small start-up, but recently it has become a growing company, acquiring a rival company. Of course, there are controversies such as monopoly and foreign capital, but it is the best delivery application in Korea. Not only is this application easy to order delivery food, but it also created a new job called Baemin Riders. Baemin Riders refers to people who deliver food ordered through the Baemin, and many are in this industry. There is a growing number of people on the side of this Bamin Riders, where even office workers can deliver nearby and receive commission whenever they have time. The application has been updated, so we are currently providing services that deliver not only food but also goods in the mart. It is true that the growing popularity of applications such as Baedal Minjok has led to increased sales of delivery restaurants. However, there is also a downside to the rise in food prices due to the revenue system that charges restaurants for each delivery in the delivery race. In addition, the burden on consumers has increased somewhat as delivery fees, which used to be free in the past, have to be different depending on the distance. Nevertheless, I think the biggest advantage is that you can easily enjoy various foods at home.

Popular Food(by Delivery Service)

What is the most popular delivery food in Korea? From the past, Chinese food, chicken, and pizza were the main foods in Korea. Recently, Thai food, snacks, and even dishes such as sashimi and steak can be delivered at home. But I still think the most popular delivery food is chicken and Chinese food. If you have a plan to live in Korea or plan to travel, why don’t you order delicious food through a delivery application for a day? It will be a unique experience and a great opportunity to enjoy Korea’s advanced delivery culture.

Written by Tweety Papa

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