Enjoying Famous Big 3 Amusement Park in Korea

There are three big and famous amusement parks in Korea. Many people visit this place, and it is an amusement park with various things to see and enjoy. There are no Hollywood-based theme parks such as Universal Studios in Japan or Disneyland, but the three amusement parks I will introduce are full of grand and interesting attractions, so I recommend you visit them if you come to Korea. It will be a good experience not only to see the traditional side of Korea but also to relieve stress and spend the day with various experiences in the Korean theme park.

Everland (Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do)

The first is Everland run by Samsung, a global company. This place is located in Yongin, a little away from Seoul, and you can access here by shuttle bus or subway. It takes about an hour and a half from Seoul, and it is the largest theme park in the world. If you get a discount, you can use Everland all day long. Especially, Everland is a place where you can experience the biggest safari in Korea, and we will give you a valuable experience where you can meet various animals on the safari bus. Also, you can enjoy T-Express, a roller coaster made of wood, so I hope you have a thrilling experience.

Lotte World (Janmsil, Seoul)

The second is Lotte World located in Jamsil, which is operated by Lotte Group. This place is easily accessible by subway from Seoul, and there are large shopping malls and aquariums, so you can experience various things. Especially, unlike Everland in Yongin, which has all the rides outdoors, there are rides indoors, so it is a good place to use even in hot or cold seasons. You can use the discounted ticket price at around 30,000 won. There is no zoo in Jamsil Lotte World, but you can enjoy various roller coasters. Especially, the rides of Gyro Drop and Atlantis are very popular, so if you visit, please try it even if it takes time. It is smaller than Everland, but you will be able to experience a little more thrilling experience.

Seoul Land (Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do)

The last amusement park is Seoul Land located in Gwacheon, near Seoul. In fact, it’s not as old and up-to-date as the two amusement parks above. However, from the past, this theme park was more famous than an amusement park, and it still boasts a large zoo. Especially, when I come here, I can ride an elephant train in the shape of an elephant, and I remember riding it all the time when I was young. Tickets are available at around 20,000 won discount. Actually, it’s been a long time since I visited Seoul Land, but there are a lot of people who visit with their babies these days. Because, as I mentioned earlier, zoos are very famous, they offer opportunities to see various animals and rare animals. If you are planning to visit a place near Seoul that is accessible by subway, I recommend you to visit.

I introduced the famous amusement park in Korea. In fact, there are many more interesting things to see and eat. In fact, I think going to a theme park in another country can be a big decision. Universal Studios and Disneyland in Japan are popular places for Korean tourists, but Korea’s theme parks are also interesting places. If you understand Korea and want to use a Korean theme park, please visit. I think it’s the best option to spend your day in Korea at a reasonable price. How about spending a dynamic day in Korea at a theme park?

Written by Tweety Papa

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